Native Sons is the creation of Neighborhood's Shinsuke Takizawa, and  legendary designer Tommy O'Gara. Growing up in Nebraska, O'Gara,  the son of a steelworker,  later attended the centuries old Yagyu Shinkage Ryu sword school in Japan. He eventually became creative director for brands like Freshjive Japan, and DITA.  Native Sons eyewear is hand crafted in their very own  factory in Sabae Japan.  All frames are 100% original, hand drawn styles created in a black box situation. The acetates used are all cellulose based, derived from cotton oil,  which not only creates a deeper, richer, and stronger frame than acetates derived from petrochemicals, it creates a sustainable product as well.  In addition, they use medical grade titanium cores with 16k gold plated core wires and 4 barrel hinges. These traits, a long with quality control that is second to none,  result in producing some of the finest eyewear pieces in the world.